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Public sector

Technology at the service of the citizens

Government buildings such as town halls, city offices and libraries should be serving in nature. To citizens, but also to employees. Because of its the public nature of these buildings, you have to deal with different target groups. You want to serve them, but you also want to monitor your control. Government buildings must also be made more sustainable in order to comply with the European Energy Agreement. Plenty of challenges for you.


A welcoming feeling induced by through doors that open automatically. A pleasant working climate thanks to by natural light and optimal climate control. You want to make your visitors feel comfortable and get the most out of your employees. But you also need to take into account things like security. How do you combine that? And how do you do this in a way that allows you to retain insight and control? Croonwolter&dros is your partner for these matters.

Our solutions in this market: |

  • Revitalisation
  • Safety & Security
  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Buildings
  • Heat Tracing
  • High End Security