Non-residential buildings

Future-proof sustainability

As a housing association and building owner, you are faced with the task of making your property more sustainable. How do you know which solution is best for your building? Sustainability is important, but sustainability must also be future-proof. Moreover, you want the interventions to cause as little inconvenience as possible to the residents and to actually increase the value of your real estate, for example by making your buildings more comfortable to stay in.

You want more sustainable and more comfortable, smarter and easier and better and more future-proof?  Whether you are a real estate manager, consultant or building owner, thinking together as partners about solutions leads to better results. We like to think along with you.

Energy performance

The focus within our technical installations is on energy performance and securing their technical performance. In this way, residents experiences the ultimate convenience and comfort. Sustainability is an important factor within the construction process. From careful designs to professional implementation and maintenance. We keep a close eye on energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Our solutions in this market:

  • Smart Energy
  • Modular Company