The ultimate experience

Do you want to offer your visitors and customers an ultimate experience? Fun and relaxation are central to this. Everything has to be taken care of down to the last detail. An eye for detail is a must. With our specialist technical solutions, we bring buildings to life.

Whether your customers come to you for sport or leisure, you have to provide the best customer experience. For a hotel customer this means fo instance that the service has to be top notch and the climate in the hotel room can be controlled according to his or her wishes. For an airport visitor, service is key, but you are also responsible for safety and security.

Specialist solutions

Thanks to 140 years of experience in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering Croonwolter&dros understands the challenges in your busines. We make buildings smarter, we make them more intuitive and we increase the feeling of comfort and safety of your customers.
We can achieve this by for instance providing specialist solutions for controlling humidity in museums. Or we can install light columns in event halls and stadiums. And we deploy high-quality security solutions at airports, without compromising on hospitality.

Our solutions in this market:

  • Revitalisation;
  • Safety & Security;
  • Smart Energy;
  • Smart Buildings.