A pleasant and healthy learning climate

What does the school building of the future look like? Should we replace or demolish all the outdated school buildings or is renovation also an option? The different types of users, user requirements and different types of spaces make management challenging and require flexibility. A future-proof school is dynamic, has a diverse range of rooms, is energy-efficient, flexible and multifunctional. But how do you monitor the comfort and safety of all users? Croonwolter&dros offers you an integral integrated approach and a broad prespective.

Diversity of spaces

In recent years, partly as a result of the 'Fresh Schools' concept, the need to have school buildings  with a lower energy consumption and a healthy indoor environment has increased significantly. The responsibility for school buildings is increasingly shifting from municipalities to school boards. However, your challenges mainly lie with the primary process. Expertise Knowledge on of building energy management and real estate is not always present? ; after all, that is not the focus area. We design, build and operate for every situation. This way, your educational building gets the attention it needs, without you having to worry about it. For new and existing buildings.

Our solutions in this market:

  • Revitalisation;
  • Safety & Security;
  • Smart Energy;
  • Smart Buildings.
Eric Oosterkamp
Manager Commercial Department Maincontracting
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