Energy transition for cruise ships

Sustainability of ports and cruise ship fleets becoming increasingly important.

Sustainable ports

The sustainability theme is also becoming increasingly important for large sea ports and destinations all over the world. A crucial tool for sustainability is the use of shore power when ships are docked in a port. More and more often port authorities demand that ships turn off their diesel engines or switch them to standby and use clean shore power. This applies especially to cruise ships, because they often dock near or even in busy city centres and their emission levels are far too high according to the increasingly stringent standards. The US West Coast leads the way with these shore-power requirements. Florida and Scandinavia are following and many other European countries will also take this step in the near future.

Modifications to ships inevitable

Therefore, all new cruise ships are prepared for- or equipped with a standard High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) which enables the use of shore power. But what to do with the existing fleet? Without a shore connection, the usability of these ships will steadily decrease, with an increasing economic impact on the shipping companies. Croonwolter&dros offers a turnkey shore connection package for these ships to make them more sustainable, flexible and future-proof, an important contribution to the energy transition. 

HV Shore Connection installation package for existing cruise ships 

Enabling existing cruise ships to use shore power requires more than a connector, a cable and a converter. Ships need high voltage to provide sufficient high power, since they have many, complex technical systems which have to remain operational during a trip and are used 24/7. This requires a specialist approach, security and strict protocols. In addition, the very critical synchronization of power supply from the ship generators to shore power (and back) must be seamless and without any black-outs. The many complex electrical systems on board a cruise ship should not be disrupted during the relatively short and tightly organized stops at a port.  

Our turnkey solution will give you total peace of mind

Croonwolter&dros is a high-voltage and transition specialist with extensive experience with HV systems and applications: we provide consultancy, engineering, implementation, management & maintenance and inspection. In addition, we have been technically modifying existing cruise ships for more than 10 years now. This includes designing, implementing and maintaining turnkey Power Solutions. We are familiar with the cruise industry, we know the cruise ship systems like no other, we are an HV and transition specialist and it is our ambition to become an important player in shore connections. Based on these targets we have increased our efforts to offer shipping companies a competitively priced, well-engineered and guaranteed quality solution, including worry-free process management for uninterrupted 24/7 operation. If possible, we schedule work to be carried out during scheduled servicing in the dock and we implement the commissioning of new systems during stops at ports with a operational shore connection.

Turnkey solution

Preparing existing ships all over the world with a turnkey solution for new sustainability standards for ports, countries and Classification Societies with regard to using shore power (HVSC). Seamless without disrupting your uninterrupted 24/7 high-care operation.

Transition ambitions

Capitalizing on our transition ambitions and extensive experience in project management. We go for the extra mile to provide quality and assurance at a competitive price.

Integral approach

Engineering, installation, commissioning, inspections, maintenance & service provided by one single experienced company. The power of an integral approach with much attention to user friendly operation and smart maintenance from the drawing board.

Over 10 years experience

Over 10 years experience in electrical- and mechanical modification of cruise ships at the highest level. For many years, Croonwolter&dros has carried out refit projects for many cruise companies.

Croonwolter&dros roadmap for HV Shore Connections installation

Phase A - Preparation: in detail

Survey on board, customized pre-engineering, mechanical design, work preparation and installation planning: with special attention to preparing a smart, disruption-free implementation phase during the uninterrupted operation of the ship.

Phase B - Implementation: without any inconvenience

Step 1: Creating a suitable and safe HVSC room
Selecting or constructing a suitable room for Shore Connection (HVSC room)  
Implementing mechanical and structural modifications. This includes a shell door in ship's hull and other systems such as fire detection, security cameras, alarm systems & data.

Step 2: Installing the Shore Connection components and systems

• Installing project specific panels in HVSC room
Routing 11kV cable (HV): the connection between the HVSC and Main Switch Board (MSB)
Routing control cable: MSB, ECR and Automation
Adapting existing Main Switch Board to the new shore-power application. This includes adding a new or using a spare cubicle to the MSB for HVSC.

Step 3: Commissioning and completion

Real-time and real-stream testing of installations and systems for faultless operation and reliability. Do they comply 100% with the requirements that the client has imposed on new systems? Completion will follow after finalizing and approving.
Only possible at a mooring location with a shore connection

Phase C - Operational phase: worry-free operation

Guarantees, inspections, follow-up care and service for 100% reliable and well-functioning HV Shore Connection systems during the operational phase.


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Antoin Kuenen
Commercial Manager